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Well, the WOLF Reunion 2004 was a great success!
Many thanks to all who attended because without you it wouldn't have been a reunion or the success that it was.

The WOLF Radio Reunion audio is complete.
What we have is 6 hours of The WOLF radio reunion from the morning and late afternoon recorded off the air at the WOLF studios.
It is available in 2 formats: MP3 or 6 regular CD's.* 
*Please note; the MP3 format can only be played on an MP3 player, a DVD player that supports MP3 audio or on your computer.
Audio will be at 192 kbps for the MP3's.
The 6 regular audio CD's can be played on almost any audio CD player.
The cost for these will be $5.00 for the 1 MP3 disk  ... or...  $20.00 for the 6 audio CD's.

I accept PayPal however please e-mail me first so I can give you more information.
Be sure to put "WOLF reunion" in the description so as not to be confused with spam.
If you choose to pay by check or money order, please me and I will send you the information.
Again please put "WOLF reunion" in the description so as not to be confused with spam.
Sign up for your FREE PayPal account here or more information.

And yes, the video from the reunion is finally being produced.
I know it's been a long time coming but it IS in the works.
More information will be posted here shortly.
Thanks to everyone again who made this reunion such a success.  Enjoy the show!

If anyone who was taking pictures would like to share theirs and have them posted on the site, I would love to have them.
 or mail copies of the pictures (I'll gladly scan and get them back to you), and I'll post them with credit to you.
(Be sure to put "WOLF pictures" in the subject line so it's not mistaken for spam)
Keep checking here for updates and more information.

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The WOLF Reunion 2004

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